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Spray Tan (Xen tan)

Bronzing - Face and Body

Sport a fabulous Xen tan at any time of the year with a spray tan from the experts (From £25)

Wouldn’t you like to have a healthy, golden glow everyday of the year whilst working to help prevent the signs of premature ageing on the face & body?

Xen tan bronzing is designed to make sunless, safe-tanning part of your daily routine. Our Saks skin-experts help you understand how to get the most out of your tanning regime.

At home or when visiting for your professional treatment learn how combining your Xen tan bronzing with any of our treatments help you achieve a more polished, groomed and svelte look that makes you feel Fantastic.

Bronzed Babe (60 mins) £41.00

Using only the Xen tan Gold professional range for the ultimate safe-tanning treatment, whilst protecting your skin from the harmful effects of the environment. &Passion Fruit Body Polish which after showering is followed by the accompanying Xen tan Gold Silky Solution to super-nourish those extra dry areas, completing with the Xen tan Gold Tanning Formula for a smooth and even tan in 4-6 hours.

Busy Bronzed Babe (30 mins) £31.00

Ultra-fast spray tanning in our roomy tanning booth makes this the quickest and most effective way to achieve a beautiful, golden glow. Enter you own private boudoir, where you will have the chance to shower & prepare your skin with the Xen tan Gold Pomegranate & Passion Fruit Body Polish, following your spray tan you can enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable environment to dress and prepare for the rest of your day.

Super busy bronzed babe (15 mins) £26.00

Ultra-fast spray tanning in our roomy tanning booth makes this the quickest and most effective way to achieve a beautiful, golden glow. Simply exfoliate at home shower and do not apply any creams deodrants to your skin. Arrive at Saks and allow one of our expert therapists give you an perfect glowing tan and your ready to go.

Bronzed Legs £13.00 (spray tan on legs only)

It is recommended that you wear loose clothing after your tanning treatment and avoid pale colours, in case of staining.

Self Tanning Technology

Step 1 - Exfoliate

Jump in the shower and get ready to prepare your skin for the ultimate self tanning experience ! Begin by using Xen tan's passion fruit Body Polish . This is a soapless product which will leave no residue on the skin. This is important as residue can affect the outcome of your tan. Pay particular attention to the feet, knees and elbows and you'll be left with the softest, smoothest skin which is the perfect starting point for the Xen tan™ experience!

Step 2 - A little Skin Smoothie..

After you have exfoliated, apply a little Skin Smoothie to the very dry areas such as your knees, elbows, heels and feet. This will help emulisfy Xen tan and "smooth" out the tanner for a more professional finish.

Xen tan has moisturisers already built in but if your skin is really dry, we would recommend using our Oil Free Moisturiser under the tan. Please do not use a moisturiser containing oil as this can prohibit the tanning agents from working correctly and may affect the outcome of your tan.

Step 3 - Apply Xen tan

Using the gloves provided *, apply Xen tan™ self tanning cream starting from the feet up working in small circular motions. You might want to enlist help when applying to your upper back. The dark brown colour guide in Xen tan shows where it goes, its easy to spot if you missed a bit..

Remember a little goes a long way! Lightly glaze Xen tan™ over the ankles and knees. If you find that you have dry patches here, lightly spray some Skin Smoothie Oil on the areas affected - this will emulsify the Xen tan™ and give a more even application. If your skin is very dry, please use the Oil Free Moisturiser, developed to go under our Self Tanning cream, Extreme Gel and self tanning mousse.

When you are working down the arms, at this point, again, you can lightly spray the Skin Smoothie oil onto the hands, elbows if you have drier areas here.

FACE: Apply the product full strength to the face. Rub well into the hair line. You might like to use a cosmetic sponge for more control of the product.

HANDS: Great Tip! Spray a little Skin Smoothie on them but do them last . Using whatever residue is left on your gloves, peel one glove back and spread the fingers wide and bend at the knuckles. (A bit like a claw!) Then lightly glaze over the hand. Wait til dry, then put the glove back on and tan the other hand.

Allow the product to dry for 15-20 mins (unless you are applying the mousse or gel which will dry very quickly)before you put your loose clothes back on. We recommend that you ”sleep“ in the product or leave it on for at least four hours before showering.

Once the product has developed you will notice that you are notably darker than when you first started. This is because your Xen tan has developed underneath the colour guide. Shower the colour guide of thoroughly using warm water and a terry towelling flannel to reveal your sunless tan. The water will turn a muddy colour but don't worry - you are not washing off your Xen tan, only the colour guide. It's important that the colour guide is washed off meticulously!

If you have low levels of melanin in your skin, you will develop a lighter tan than someone with high levels (eg: olive skin toned) If you wish to be darker, simply build up your tan as you would a real tan by applying Xen tan over the next few nights until you are happy with the depth of colour - but skip the exfoliation step.

Step 4 - Maintain your tan

Take care of your Xen tan much as you would a real tan and your tan will last longer.

In the morning, after you've showered off the colour guide, lock your new Xen tan™ deep into your skin with Skin Smoothie Oil, Oil Free Moisturiser, Tan Enhancing Lotion or one of our wonderful Body Butters.

Enhance your skin too with our tinted Body Glow and bronzing powders then complete the look with Babe Tools, our range of makeup designed for tanned skin.

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